Selection Process

Regarding the selection process and the demand for vacancies, the PPGCI, procedures have been gradually improved, to arouse the interest of candidates from different origins, who see issues related to information, its processes and flows informative, the possibility of taking them as an object of investigation. It is worth mentioning that the Program follows the institutional policies adopted by the UFBA to guide its selection process, assigning specific vacancies for social inclusion (black and brown, indigenous, quilombolas , people with disabilities and trans, transvestite people), according to Resolution. 01/2017 of the CAE-UFBA, in addition to offering places for foreign students residing outside the country. Thus, the selections made in the four years analyzed were based on calls approved by the College, published on the PPGCI website, as well as on the social networks of the Program, its professors and students, as well as those of the ICI, whose process It was conducted by committees of those elected in the Collegiate Board (selection committee, resource committee). The vacancies were offered according to the capacity of the teaching staff, distributed in the two lines of research of the Program, according to the growth of the body of advisers.
The selection process follows the stages of registration and approval of the same by the Collegiate, receipt of documentation (projects and applicant documents), project evaluations, written tests (specific knowledge and languages) and discussion of the project. Throughout these years, the results of each stage are published on the Program's website, which is described here.