The origin of the Postgraduate courses in this institution is typical of an area in the process of growth and evolution. EBD / UFBA, seeking to strengthen the area, in 1995 installed the Master in Strategic Information, in a process compatible with the current MINTER, in an agreement with the University of Brasilia ( UnB ), thus reaching a new academic level: a postgraduate stricto sensu. With the constitution of the ICI / UFBA, on 03/12/1998, replacing the EBD / UFBA, the challenge was to respond to the emerging questions about the area in focus, as a field of knowledge, contributing with studies and research on renovations. programmatic content and training people to meet the social demand of professionals aligned with the visions, concepts and the prominent role of information to be achieved as an aggregator of economic value and a factor of organizational and social development. In this sense, the establishment of the ICI / UFBA consolidated and expanded the structure and logic that had been conceived from the EBD / UFBA, with the reformulation of the Library and Documentation course in 1996, the creation of the Archives course in 1998, and the implementation of the Graduate Program in Information Sciences (PPGCI / UFBA).
Throughout the years, ICI / UFBA professors have entered their own Master's and, continuing with the qualification plan, as professors, they have entered postgraduate doctoral programs in the areas of Information Sciences, Education, Philosophy, Communication, Letters, Administration, among others. making use of what is urgent: the strengthening of the PPGCI / UFBA, which has already remained independent of the MINTER with the UnB, and has already responded with the maturity that began after the structuring of the Master in Information Sciences project recommended in 2001 by CAPES and in 2011 the doctorate course was approved. Currently, this program is evaluated by CAPES as a concept 4 and much progress is being made. After concentrated efforts in the development of this Program, it is possible, in previous reports sent to CAPES, to review the path in the renewal and progress of the PPGCI / UFBA, with highlights on the internal discussions and shared with other PPGCI in Brazil.