National exchanges:
The PPGCI/UFBA carries out activities seeking its academic consolidation through dialogue with institutions and researchers in the country and abroad and with research development agencies. Several faculty projects were approved by FAPESB, CAPES, and CNPq, and some of them aimed at integrating CI with society and the labor market.  
With the federal and state universities of Paraíba, Ceará, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Alagoas, Sergipe, Brasília, São Paulo, and Bahia, the PPGCI//UFBA has been developing partnerships for great importance in strengthening relationships, generating the implementation of several joint projects, scientific publications and exchanges of participation in examining boards for course completion papers (dissertations and theses).
Also, within the scope of national exchange, there is a growing participation of PPGCI/UFBA professors in other programs in the area, through participation in examination boards for qualification and defense of master's and doctoral degrees, and in faculty selection boards for hiring and hiring in higher education institutions in Brazil, in addition to their presence as members of scientific committees, consultants and consultants and co-advisors, among other activities.
In addition to promising partnerships with universities in other states, the PPGCI/UFBA established actions with academic and administrative institutions of the UFBA itself: Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education, School of Administration, Institute of Arts, Institute of Mathematics, IHAC, Institute of Public Health, Polytechnic School, Superintendence of Environment and Infrastructure (SUMAI/UFBA), Library System (SIBI/UFBA), Dean of People (PRODEP/UFBA), among other sectors directly linked to the Rectory of UFBA. PPGCI/UFBA, seeking to interact with programs from other areas, has been partnering with a Professional Master's Degree in Public Security, Justice and Citizenship, a Professional Master's Degree in Public Health, a Professional Master's Degree in Mathematics in the National Network (PROFMAT).
The continuous cooperation and scientific exchange of PPGCI/UFBA with the PPGs of UFPB, UNESP Marília, IBICT, UFRGS, UFS, UFF, UFES, UNEB, IFBA, UNIFACS, ECA, UFSC, UnB, USP, UFMG, UEL, remains UNIRIO, UFC, UFCE, UFMA, FIOCRUZ, among others, from documents that formalize the performance of activities in partnership, with the participation of professors and students of the aforementioned programs.
In addition to several events held, the participation of PPGCI/UFBA professors was effective, as members of examining boards for the conclusion of dissertations and theses, through formal invitations to the guest and the institution to which he belongs.
Citing an example of national exchange, the participation of a professor at the PPGCI/UFBA, as a member of the Brazilian Committee for Information and Documentation of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), stands out in the unfolding of actions aimed at the studies of
Scientific Standardization of the area.
The cooperation and exchange activities described in this report, and others in the process of agreements, have allowed the construction of a rich space for dialogue between the PPGCI/UFBA teaching and student community with Brazilian and foreign researchers from CI and the like. This dialogue and cooperation expand the experience of its professors, researchers, and students, stimulating the approximation of their research with those carried out in the scope of other national and international Programs, preparing possibilities of partnerships for the development of joint research.
With the productivity growth and sustained by progressive stability, the Program aims to promote its expansion, aiming to expand partnerships at the national and international level and leverage the consolidation of the area in Brazil. In this scope, the Program has been investing heavily in national and multinational exchanges. The PPGCI/UFBA expanded national cooperation agreements with graduate programs from CI and the like, allowing for dialogue and travel by professors and students from universities in Brazil to carry out joint activities. 
International exchanges:
PPGCI/UFBA has a rich trajectory in dialogue and productions with international institutions. Among other similar goals, the new amendments signed between the PPGCI/UFBA and the University of Porto, Polytechnic Institute of Porto - Portugal, University of Lausanne - Switzerland, University Carlos III of Madrid - Spain, Universidad Complutense - Spain, contribute to the advancement of knowledge within the scope of CI, through effective cooperation and dialogue in the development of academic activities between officially signed postgraduate researchers abroad.   
The carrying out of postdoctoral studies in other countries, by PPGCI/UFBA professors, greatly favors the meeting with peers from international institutions and fosters possibilities for broader horizons, with joint productions and exchanges of experiences, providing breadth and skills of the PPGCI/UFBA concerning signed agreements and amendments, configuring the internationalization, in fact, of the Program. The PPGCI/UFBA expanded the range of countries in which it interacts, with bilateral cooperation agreements and research projects, in addition to European countries.
There are projections, in the next events and meetings, of the integration of the PPGCI/UFBA with researchers, professors, and medical doctors from countries in Europe, South America, the USA, Mexico, Canada, Africa, to encourage the opening of diversified actions in countries that have programs graduate studies in IC and related areas, and which present new knowledge, providing for cooperation agreements with new and stimulating international partnerships.
The postdoctoral internship of a PPGCI professor at the University of Porto (UPorto), Portugal, made it possible to implement an amendment to the UFBA/UP agreement, providing for joint actions, among which the International Colloquium Medicine in the Information Age stands out (MEDINFOR) and the Meeting of Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ABM). The Medinfor promotes interaction between researchers and students from CI, medicine, and other areas of health sciences. The ABM is an excellent proposal for discussions about the exercise of interdisciplinarity in the aforementioned areas and others that have knowledge proximities. The Event panels broadcast conferences related to the development of research technologies, information processing, storage, documentary/documental analysis, transmission, evaluation, and enhancement of information and knowledge; management of informational data and archive collections, libraries, and museums, regardless of document support, type and typology. Another possibility of this event is the dissemination of common projects in Archivology, library, and museology with the decisive presence of ICT. The event discusses the interfaces of the areas in focus with texts geared to teaching, research, and practice, especially those related to the dissemination of information on digital platforms, in both countries. The conferences provide niches for debates on the deconstruction of the patrimonial and custodial model of document and memory institutions, with high levels of maturity and consolidation. In book-collections, with ISBN and produced by accredited and recognized publishers, also observing the importance of production in books, seen as the main mode of dissemination of artistic, technological, and scientific production, both Medinfor and ABM publish the results of the investigations joint meetings of researchers from the CI Programs, conferences, and communications. 
The academic cooperation agreement between the Federal University of Bahia and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP), Portugal, has the following objectives: “1) The common interest of maintaining, deepening and developing together academic, scientific and technical activities; 2) the mutual convenience of promoting exchange actions for professors, technicians and students that contribute to scientific advancement and to the strengthening of their specialized human resources; 3) the intention that the joint research programs and projects result in an effective complement to the advancement and development of both Institutions”. The PPGCI/UFBA, together with the School of Industrial Studies and Management, of the IPP, aims at actions aimed at teaching, research, extension and innovation in information science, with the possibility of exchanges of students and teachers to participate in activities of both institutions. This agreement resulted in MEDINFOR, doctoral-sandwich and postdoctoral guidelines, and activities developed by Portuguese professors. Also in this spectrum, they collaborate with the Carlos III University of Madrid, where there is an important exchange of knowledge, from the collaboration of foreign professors through master classes, lectures, courses, examining boards, guidance in the work missions of PPGCI professors.
France is also one of the countries in Europe to maintain international exchanges with the PPGCI/UFBA. The conclusion of the postdoctoral internship of a PPGCI professor at the Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse 3 – IUT/ LERASS – Laboratoire d'études et de Recherches Appliquées en Sciences Sociales, France, strengthened the scientific cooperation of the PPGCI/UFBA with the Network Franco-Brazilian Association of Researchers in Mediations and Social Uses of Knowledge and Information (MUSSI Network). This Network, to which PPGCI/UFBA professors and researchers and students belong, has promoted research and training, favoring the establishment of institutional and scientific links between groups, research laboratories and postgraduate programs in Brazil and France and holding events. The events provide opportunities for publications with the interventions of all participants and strengthened the international exchange between the PPGCI/UFBA and French and Brazilian universities, IBICT and institutions from other countries. The experiences encourage students and professors to carry out academic exchanges, contributing to the development of research and graduate studies. 
Some gains from the PPGCI/UFBA with the study trips by students and professors are: the strengthening of academic and scientific exchange between the aforementioned universities in Europe, and Brazil; the added value of these activities in the evaluation of the aforementioned Program by CAPES; the relevance of the study plan to be carried out in centers of excellence in other countries; connection with research and subsidies for the writing of doctoral theses to be later defended; as these are studies that encompass actions aimed at the development of the information professional, among other perspectives for the evolution and growth of the PPGCI/UFBA, concerning the dialogue with overseas countries, points considered prominent by CAPES in the assessment of graduate programs in CI.
Based on the correspondence exchanged with these foreign researchers, the PPGCI/UFBA began to envision future projects and international agreements and amendments with the guests' countries of origin, expanding the range of scientific, technical, and cultural exchange between the
Program and the aforementioned institutions.
The program has attracted regular foreign students from the Alliances Program for Education and Training (PAEC OEA/GCUB) is a joint initiative of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (SG/OAS) and the Coimbra Group of Universities Brazilians (GCUB), given the internationalization of postgraduate training for students with nationality and/or residence in the member states of the Organization of American States (OAS), except for Brazil. The objective of the initiative is to promote greater integration of Brazilian universities in the region, encouraging scientific and cultural exchange, improving international student mobility, and supporting the human development of notable individuals in the Americas. The reception of foreign students from OAS countries has consolidated the PPGCI/UFBA what both expected graduate the academy this century: to transform the design of distance when what matters most is the promotion of continuing education, especially opening boundaries the regions of Brazil and the less favored peoples of public policies of access to education and masters and doctoral degrees. 
The relationships established by the PPGCI with foreign universities enable the participation of professors/researchers as members of thesis defense committees in the Program and scientific exchange, promoting the PPGCI/UFBA. The PPGCI/UFBA hosted a Portuguese professor as a researcher at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain, for the development of a postdoctoral project in 2015. She became a visiting professor of the Program in August 2018, when she participated in a notice for hiring Visiting Professors in the "stricto sensu" Graduate Program launched by UFBA in April 2017. From June 2018, she was hired for two years, being renewed for more than a few years, remaining until 2022. The activities carried out by the researcher include the publication of articles in national and foreign journals, book chapters, abstracts of communications presented at national and international scientific events, communications presented at international events, communications presented at national events, with future publication in the respective annals, participation in the organizing and scientific committee of national and international events, actions in national and international scientific events, lectures given at the PPGCI/UFBA and the graduation of the ICI/UFBA, participation in training courses, supervision of doctoral theses and co-supervision of postdoctoral internships, participation in doctoral and master's boards, participation in research projects and research groups and participation in commission and evaluation of national and international journals, and pedagogical commissions. 
The support received from the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PROPG), through different public notices, was fundamental for the development of the PPGCI, on several fronts, as described in the annual reports sent to CAPES and summarized here.
In the year 2017:
  1. the exchange with more consolidated research centers, in Brazil and abroad, provided the arrival of a foreign visiting professor selected in 2017;
  2. the encouragement of Post-Doctoral Studies with Experience Abroad contemplated a professor from the permanent staff of the Program to develop activities abroad;
  3. UFBA's incentive in the Institutional Program for a Doctorate Sandwich Abroad (PDSE);
  4. Alliances for Education and Training Program (PAEC) of the Organization of American States (OAS) allowed the entry of foreign students from Latin America. annual reports of the Programs, through the Teaching Nucleus, showing UFBA's commitment and commitment to the quality of Graduate Programs
In 2018, the new UFBA Institutional Development Plan (PDI) (2018-2022) outlined guidelines that guide the actions of Graduate Programs, defining the steps to be followed, so that each Program can prepare its Strategic Planning, in line with the PDI of that University. Thus, the actions developed by the PPGCI remained strictly linked to the new PDI, with the support of the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies (PROPG), through different public notices. In this sense, the PROPG guidelines were crucial for the PPGCI to achieve different benefits for the Program:
  1. expansion of exchanges with more consolidated research centers, in Brazil and abroad, including support for professors and students to participate in various events;
  2. Encouragement of Post-Doctoral Studies with Experience Abroad contemplated a professor from the Program's permanent staff to develop activities abroad;
  3. UFBA's incentive in the Institutional Program for a Doctorate Sandwich Abroad (PDSE);
  4. The Alliances for Education and Training Program (PAEC) of the Organization of American States (OAS) made it possible for foreign students from Latin America to enter. The Program approved in an agreement with the selection of applications from the students-Postgraduate Agreement (PEC-PG) Program, according to process nº 25/2018, two foreign candidates, to take the Master's course, one student selected from Colombia and the other, of Venezuela.
In 2019, different actions were implemented with the support of PROPG, which allowed for the expansion of dialogue with different institutions, in order to improve the dialogue between professors and students, aiming to improve the qualification of its faculty and students.
  1. the exchange with more consolidated research centers, in Brazil and abroad, led to the arrival of a Brazilian visiting professor selected in 2019, to join another, from a previous public notice;
  2.  the encouragement of Post-Doctoral Studies with Experience Abroad contemplated a professor from the Program's permanent staff to develop activities abroad;
  3. the support for Work Missions Abroad made it possible for professors from our permanent staff to develop actions in Spain in 2020;
  4. the Institutional Program of Doctoral Sandwich Abroad (PDSE) opened the possibility for PPGCI students to participate in the selection for this modality, with one student selected for 2020;
  5. the Program of Alliances for Education and Training (PAEC) of the Organization of American States (OAS) made it possible in 2019 to select and enroll foreign students from Latin America (Colombia and Venezuela);
  6. support for teachers and students to participate in different events.