Research Lines

Research line 1: Information technology and policies

Summary: Theoretical and applied studies on infrastructure and policies for access and control of information, documents and intellectual technologies. It includes the identification and monitoring of needs, as well as the evaluation of operation patterns and management of networks and information systems. It encompasses research on cultural identity and memory, including the examination of document preservation methodologies and strategies. It also involves the study of trends and indicators of scientific production and communication.

Research line 2: Production, circulation and mediation of information

Abstract: Theoretical and applied studies on the production, dissemination, transfer, mediation and apprehension of information in various contexts. It contemplates informational cycles, processes, flows, habits and behaviors in different media and environments, including reading and writing, with a focus on the circulation of information, reception and production of meanings. It covers studies and research on social and human networks in the production, exchange and use of information. It also involves the analysis of information skills and digital inclusion and literacy programs, behaviors and information habits.