The Academic Master and Doctorate courses of the Graduate Program in Information Sciences - PPGCI / UFBA - have the general objective of training researchers, professors and technical-professional personnel with skills and abilities to produce knowledge inherent to Information Sciences, working in the different social spaces. related to research, teaching, extension and innovation.
  •  To provide qualified academic training of personnel for the exercise of teaching, research and professional activity;
  •  to train graduates to produce, promote, use, disseminate and critically evaluate the knowledge generation processes inherent to Information Sciences; 
  •  to stimulate the scientific and social development of the country, based on the reality of Salvador, Bahia and Northeast, following the topics related to the informative topic, related to politics, technology, the use of information, as well those related to the production, circulation and mediation of information; 
  •  to deepen interdisciplinary academic-scientific studies that can support the production of knowledge in Information Sciences in national and international contexts.
  • Due to the aforementioned objectives, the academic training offered by the Academic Master and Doctorate courses in Information Sciences to researchers and professor-researchers has provided graduates with in-depth studies in specific segments of the scientific field related to the lines of research. Research of the Program, for which dissertations and theses are linked. Thus, when meeting the national demands for the training of research professors in the field of Information Sciences, as well as the qualification of human resources to install a critical and also qualified contingent for research, the program highlights its academic and scientific relevance and social in different regions, since it has been filling the shortage of master's degrees and doctors in the field of Information Sciences, strengthening academic research and scientific production in this field of knowledge, promoting the participation of new actors in the spaces available for teaching in the State of Bahia and in other member states of these regions, in line with what the Brazilian university defends, in the items related to the growth of strictly sensu postgraduate courses, their regionality and areas of knowledge, in the search to overcome the current unequal distribution among the regions of Brazil. 
Based on the growth of its productivity and supported by progressive stability, the Program aims to promote its expansion, to expand alliances at the national and international level and leverage the consolidation of the area in Brazil. In this area, the PPGCI / UFBA has been investing heavily in national and multinational exchanges, as can be seen in the specific fields of this Proposal. 
The proposed courses reflect the studies in the current area of concentration of the PPGCI / UFBA, based on the lines of research already registered in this Platform. To strengthen the Program and avoid occasional adjustments, the area of concentration and the two lines of research are articulated, anticipating the expansion and consolidation of the Program. The area and the two lines of research, associated with the training and research of professors, focus on the objectivity and subjectivity necessary for the study of Information Sciences, including different postgraduate degrees, both lato sensu and stricto sensu.