Integration with undergraduate courses

The integration of the PPGCI/UFBA into the Graduate Courses in Library Science and Archives at the UFBA Information Science Institute has been getting stronger every year. The following are items that report experiences of the PPGCI/UFBA, as indicators of integration with graduation:
1. Maintaining the frequency of holding the PPGCI/UFBA Research Seminar: Integrating Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, with the presentation of ongoing research by Master's students of the Program and completed by recent graduates, graduate students from the Librarianship and Documentation and Archivology courses, by PPGCI/UFBA professors, it brings together research groups and also ICI undergraduate professors, members of research projects led by graduate professors. The seminars held in the quadrennium enabled the expansion of the number of works presented and there was a greater participation of doctoral students, with the presentation of their research, demonstrating a fruitful scenario for the encouragement given to students of masters and undergraduates. Undergraduate students had the chance to present research in conclusion course papers and scientific initiation under the guidance of professors with masters and doctorate degrees from the ICI and PPGCI/UFBA. During the events, activities were carried out with the participation of professors and researchers from PPGCI/UFBA, with the presentation of the work developed by masters and doctoral students and by research groups registered with the PPGCI/UFBA and accredited by the CNPq. The seminars are intended to expand the presence of the ICI community and achieve, with the usual success, the integration of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at ICI and PPGCI/UFBA. It is an event that has been considered by other RPGs and CI as a positive example of action aimed at integrating Graduate Studies with Graduate Studies, disseminating research carried out by undergraduate and graduate students and faculty with the publication of full texts, in the previous annals format, with ISSN registration, and in book-collection, with ISBN.
2. There is a constant evolution of the participation of ICI undergraduates in the various research groups of the PPGCI/UFBA professors. As scholarship holders or volunteers integrated into these groups, there are students contemplated by CNPq, FAPESB, UFBA Affirmative Actions and Permanecer Program, volunteers, and higher-level technical support scholarship holders (CNPq AT-NS).
The following are the nine research groups, registered with the CNPq and linked to the two departments of the ICI (Department of Documentation and Information & Departments of Informational Fundamentals and Processes: - "Knowledge and actions in information and knowledge management"; "Science of information: cognition, mediation and construction of knowledge "; mediation and communication of information"; information policy, culture and communications; "G-Acervos manuscriptológicos, bibliographic, iconographic, ethnographic, organization, preservation and interfaces of information and communication technologies"; Dissemination of knowledge and appropriation of knowledge: access and use of information in society"; Inter-institutional group on semiotic and design processes"; Study group on culture, representation of digital information". 
The leaders of these groups are PPGCI/UFBA professors and include undergraduate and graduate students in their projects, as a form of interaction between the two levels of knowledge, promoting dialogue and their participation in research meetings, organizing events, in publications, integrating researchers, professors, graduate and undergraduate students from different backgrounds and institutions. The undergraduate research projects authored by professors of PPGCI / UFBA have increased significantly and consequently also the number of scholarships granted by FAPESB, CNPq / PIBIC, UFBA - Affirmative Action. The scientific initiation scholarship students from the undergraduate courses of Archivology, Library, Museum Studies, Computer Science and Bachelor degrees Interdisciplinary, perform work plans with hits, present and publish communications IC of events held in the presence of their scholarships, and have partial reports and finals, with successes.   
3 - There is a visible increase in the number of graduates from the ICI Undergraduate Courses among those selected for the Master's and Doctoral Degree in this Program, especially those who have gone through the experience of scientific initiation. This aspect reinforces the importance of inserting undergraduates in scientific initiation programs and their presence in research groups, coordinated by professors with PhDs and leaders of research groups, making them more qualified and capable of being approved in graduate selections.
4 - It has also increased the selection of ICI's undergraduate courses students to the Master's courses as special students. After the installation of the doctorate, there has been a selection of from the ICI undergraduate courses and the Master in Information Science course from the PPGCI/UFBA in Doctoral disciplines offered to special students. 
5 - The Program's faculty continues to guide final course academic works of the ICI undergraduate courses students, seeking to address different themes in line with their insertion in the field of CI. And the PPGCI/UFBA professors have often been invited to participate in the defense panels of the final course papers of the ICI/UFBA undergraduate courses, this interaction points to the relationship of the themes of the works defended by the undergraduates with the productions of doctorate professors and their lines of research. In addition, the doctoral students who are also professors of this Program, have, usually, participated in both the orientation and the final course examining board of the undergraduate students at the ICI/UFBA and other colleges and universities in Brazil.
6 - The graduate students of PPGCI and the undergraduate students of ICI with their faculty advisors have presented papers for the Integrated Seminar Teaching Research and Extension, held by the Dean of Research, Development and Innovation (PROPCI) of UFBA. The " Congress of UFBA " has enhanced the dialogic process, and integrator partnerships and learning important generator, with the participation of the whole community UFBA and presentations of papers resulting from the studies and research carried out by students, professors, and researchers from several institutions. The abstracts are published on a hot site created by UFBA, exclusive for each edition. See, for example, 
7 - The Program's professors teach subjects related to their thematic specialties in the ICI Undergraduate Courses or courses with thematic affinities to CI in other UFBA teaching units. The average is two subjects by a professor with an approximate workload of 68 hours.
8 - With the implementation of the Doctoral Course, there is another contribution of the PPGCI/UFBA to the process of integration between the undergraduate and graduate levels, many of them are professors of undergraduate courses in Archivology, Library and Documentation and other areas of the Federal Universities of Sergipe, Paraíba, Ceará, Bahia, and Brasília, as well as other courses at the Federal Institute of Bahia, Universidad Pedagógica de Colombia and Universidad Del Valle in Mexico.
9 - Along the same path, there is an increase in the demand for students who have already completed their graduation and are studying Archivology Science or Library Science in the selection of the Master and Doctoral Degree Programs. Students with this profile have been selected for the master's and doctorate courses.
10 - Another relevant fact concerns the approval of Master's program graduates in public examinations, for the teaching of higher education in the ICI/UFBA departments, professors of the Institute's two undergraduate courses, master's and doctoral graduates of the PPGCI.
11 - Most of the PPGCI/UFBA students who undertake Teaching Practice do so in the Undergraduate Courses of the ICI/UFBA, under the guidance of professors from the two departments of this institution, advisors or not, in a rich diversity of disciplines offered in these courses, which has ensured a promising integration process between undergraduate and graduate courses.
1 2 – PPGCI/UFBA achievements are born and proliferate with other undergraduate courses, in addition to CI, Archivology Science, Library Science, and Museology. Activities that integrate the PPGCI/UFBA with undergraduate courses in other areas, at UFBA or elsewhere, are very welcome. In this sense, the Program's partnership with the Faculty of Law at UFBA stands out, based on the guidance of a student's conclusion course work from the aforementioned Faculty, on a very promising topic with an interdisciplinary reach between the areas of CI and Law. From this partnership, other works were carried out with the presentation of lectures at national and international events and published in journals and annals. Several papers were presented in scientific conferences held in Brazil, Chile, and Portugal by PPGCI professors. This information can be verified in the curricula of the aforementioned researchers, on the Lattes Platform.
In summary, the integration of the Graduate Program with the undergraduate courses at the ICI (Library Science and Archivology) is an aspect to be highlighted in the quadrennium, which reverberates positively, due to the interlocutory processes that were consolidated during this period: 
  • teaching internship, a mandatory activity for all PPGCI master's and doctoral students who have no proven teaching experience, totaling 50 participants in the subjects offered by the ICI in the Archivology and Library Science courses (2017= 19; 2018=10; 2019= 6, 2020=15), in the subjects offered by the undergraduate courses in Archivology and Library Science;      
  • scientific initiation (CI) - the participation of 55 undergraduate students in scientific initiation projects (PIBIC, PERMANECER, and SANKOFA) carried out by the permanent faculty;      
  • the periodic holding of the INTEGRAR SEMINAR - Integration Graduate Studies, now in the 6th edition, where knowledge produced by the undergraduate and graduate courses of the ICI is shared, the works are published; 1st Meeting of PPGCI/UFBA research groups (ENGRUPSI-; 
  • Conclusion course paper orientation carried out by PPGCI professors, distributed among the permanent staff and collaborators, totaling 56 Course Completion Papers. These numbers indicate the close relationship with the undergraduate courses at ICI/UFBA, which has been consolidating for a long period.