Investigation Groups

  • COMPORTI - Skills and behavior: production processes, innovation and information communication.  
  • CRIDI - Study Group on Culture, Representation and Digital Information. 
  • DIFFUSE - Dissemination of knowledge and appropriation of knowledge: access and use of information in society.   
  • G-ACERVOS - Memory, Heritage, Culture, Information on Digital Platforms. 
  • GEIDEA- Grupo de estudos de Informação  Digital, Ensino e Aprendizagem
  • GEINFO - Knowledge and practice in information and knowledge.  
  • GEPEMCI - Study and Research Group on Mediation and Information Communication. 
  • GEPICC- Study Group on Information, Communication and Knowledge Policies. 
  • GEPMIC - Study and Research Group on Information Metrics Applied to Science, Technology and Innovation.  
  • Interinstitutional Group of Semiotic and Design Processes. 
  • LTI Digital - Laboratory of Information Technologies and Sociodigital Inclusion .