Basic Subjects - Master's and Doctorate
  • ICI790 - Oriented Research
  • ICI791- Oriented Professor Training
  • ICIA46-Historical and Epistemological Foundations of Information Science
Basic Subjects - Master
  • ICIA55-Research methodology
  • ICIA56-Ongoing research seminars
Optional subjects - Master's and Doctorate - Line 1
  • ICIA48-Infopolitics: copyright and intellectual property in the information age 
  • ICIA49-Information metric studies
  • ICIA50-Preservation, protection and recovery of information
  • ICIA58-Moving image and sound files
  • ICIA59-Policies and Information Infrastructures
  • ICIA60-Informational mapping for information systems and network management
  • ICIA61-Information Technology and Policies
Optional subjects - Master's and Doctorate - Line 2
  • ICIA51 Information culture and society
  • ICIA52-Production, Circulation and Mediation of Information
  • ICIA62-Mediation, cognition and multireferentiality
  • ICIA63-Organization, recovery and dissemination of information
  • ICIA64-Communication, Information and Knowledge
  • ICIA65-Reading and receiving information
  • ICIA66-Transfer of information
Master's electives - Line 1
  • ICIA53-File information policies
  • ICIA67-Scientific communication in electronic networks
  • ICIA68-Information Policies in Contemporary Brazil
  • ICIA69-The museum as an information environment
  • ICIA70-Information and communication technology
Master's elective subject - Line 2
  • ICIA54-Mediation and appropriation of information
  • ICIA71-Production and communication of scientific information
  • ICIA88-Barriers in the communication of information
  • ICIA89-Fundamentals of documentary representation
  • ICIA90- Semiotics and information
Optional Master's and Doctorate - Common Line (1 and 2)
  • ICIA57-Selected Topics in Information Science
Optional subject of master's degree without defined research line
  • ICI510-Information Economy
  • ICI519- Political, economic and legal aspects
  • ICI522 Advanced Information Seminars
  • ICI524-Information and communication technologies
  • ICI526- Networks and information system
  • ICI527-Information and knowledge management
  • ICI528-Information structures and languages I
  • ICI529- Information structures and languages II
  • ICI530- Information and contexts I
  • ICI531-Information and contexts II
  • ICI534-Ongoing Research Seminar III
  • ICI535-Knowledge and Society
  • ICI537- Information and cognition
Optional subject of master's degree
  • ICI537-Information and cognition