Curriculum Structure

The doctorate in Information Sciences has a total of 24 credits and 408 hours of disciplines, distributed as follows: 
  • 08 credits in compulsory courses.
  • 08 credits in elective courses.
All the disciplines of the Doctorate are also worked on for the students of the Master, leaving a single compulsory discipline only for the Doctorate. 
Basic subjects to the Doctorate
  • ICIA47- Research Seminars in Information Sciences -68h
  • ICIA46- Historical and Epistemological Foundations of Information Sciences- 68h
Mandatory activities 
  • ICI 790- Oriented Research.
  • ICI791- Oriented professor training.
Optional subjects common to master's and doctorate (line 1)
  • ICIA48- Infopolitics: Copyright and intellectual property- 34h
  • ICIA49-Information metric studies-51h
  • ICIA50- Conservation, protection and recovery of information-68h
  • ICIA58-Moving image and sound files-34h
  • ICIA59-Policy and Information Infrastructure-68h
  • ICIA60-Informational mapping for network management and information systems-68h
  • ICIA61- Policies and Information Technologies-17h
Optional subjects common to master's and doctorate (common to both lines)
  • ICIA57- Selected Topics in Information Sciences-68h